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High Voltage Motors

Slip-Ring modular motors
NMK slip-ring motors are used in applications requiring high starting torque or low starting current. They are especially suitable for heavy load inertia applications like mill drives or situations where network conditions are weak.
Modular Induction Motors
ABB’s high voltage modular induction motors provide high efficiency, reliability and availability in the toughest and most demanding applications.
Rib cooled NXR and AXR
NXR and AXR motors provide a unique combination of small size, high power density, high reliability, low losses and easy maintenance. They are based on the successful, high-performance rib cooled motor range, type HXR.
Rib cooled motor HXR
ABB's TEFC (totally enclosed fan cooled) motors, type HXR, are custom designed for an ideal match with each customer and application.
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