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AERN Series

Positive displacement rotary twin gear pumps type AERN series for pumping and transfer of all kinds of viscous liquids and petroleum products.

From 1/2" to 6" (Flanged to ASA 150 classes).

Capacity: 0.5 to 200 m3/hr, Press up to 12 kg/cm2.

Viscosity up to 1,00,000 -cst, Temperature upto 110° C

Features (Heavy duty gear pumps)

  • Heavy duty gear pump design for continuous application

  • Herringbone rotor design eliminates side thrust

  • Modified tooth profile enhances tooth life.

  • Floating gear-design ensures uniform load distribution.

  • Low-leakage path by design improves volumetric efficiency.

  • Shorter bearing span reduces the bending effect

  • Optional steam jacket


  • Steel plant

  • Power plant.

  • Petroleum industries

  • Refineries

  • Pumping Station

  • Tanker loading & unloading

AFP Series

High precision positive displacement internal gear pumps to match the most demanding application in boilers, burners, hydraulic, fuel pressuring and injection. This pump is ideally suitable for handling liquid like LDO, FO, LSHS and can be used as a booster pump for diesel locomotive, force feed lubrication, oil filtration system, oil pumping and heating systems and in machine tools units.

AFP series.gif


  • Fuel injection in burners, boilers, furnaces

  • Booster application in diesel locomotive

  • Force feed lubrication

  • Heating system.

Features (Internal gear pumps)

  • Higher suction lift

  • Self-priming and capacity to create vacuum up to 600/650 mm Hg

  • Flange & Foot mounting option

  • Inbuilt relief valve

  • External by-pass arrangement

  • Zero leakage Mechanical Seal

  • Continues duty pump

SG Series

This pump series is useful for pumping and transfer of all Viscous Liquids, Oils and Petroleum products.It is available in cast iron grade with single helical alloy steel gears and hardened and ground shafts. It has a sturdy design and construction to give long and trouble free life and performance. Ultra bronze bush material ensures smoother running than conventional phosphorous bronze.

From 1/2" to 3".

Capacity range: 20 to 500 LPM.

Max pressure: 10 kg/cm2, Max Temp: 80° C

SG series.gif


  • Vegetable Oil Mills

  • Refineries

  • Ceramic Industries

  • Pumping & transfer or all kind of mineral oils

Features (Helical gear pumps)

  • Single helical gear design.

  • Lower Noise.

  • Compact & Economical

  • Easy maintenance

  • Optional high-temperature version up to 200°C

SS Series

For Transfer of corrosive chemicals and liquid.

The pumps have SS 316 gears and shafts that are nitrided to give longer life with trouble-free performance. The shaft is supported on self-lubricating type Teflon coated DU bushes and the sealing is done with Teflon based Z Pac sealant which gives zero leakage and is easy to maintain. These pumps are available in flange and foot mounting types. 

ss series.gif


  • Food and Beverages

  • Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Dyeing and printing Houses

  • Chemical industries

  • Cosmetic industries

Features (Stainless Steel gear pumps)

  • PTFE coated bush for smooth performance in dry bearing condition

  • Easy cleaning & maintenance

  • Optional steam jacket

  • Foot & Flange mounting option


The flanged mounted gear pumps are useful for pumping and transfer of all viscous liquids, oils and Petroleum Products.

flaSGX series.gif


  • Centralize lubrication system

  • Pumping & Heating System.

  • Oil filtration and cleaning system

  • Transformer oil purification system

  • Machine tools industries

Features (Flanged Mounted Gear Pumps)

  • Compact design.

  • Economical Prices

  • Wide capacity range

  • Optional external ball bearing support to drive shaft

  • Foot & Flange mounting options

Lobe Pumps

Rotary lobe pump use timing gears to eliminate contact between the rotors, which allows their use on non-lubricating fluids. These pumps offer low shear and gentle handling of the liquid to minimize product degradation.

They are popular in diverse industries due to their sanitary qualities, high-efficiency reliability, corrosion resistance.



  • Food industries

  • Chemical industries

  • Pharmaceutical industries

  • Dairy industries

  • Petrochemical industries

  • Sewage plant

Features (Rotary Lobe Pumps)

  • Robust construction

  • Compact size

  • High efficiency

  • Reversible operation

  • Hygienic design

  • Easy maintenance

  • Interchangeable rotor

  • Handling low as well as a high viscous liquid

  • Ideal for delicate media & where organic solid suspended particle in liquid

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