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Bell & Gosset

Multi-Stage Pumps

e-HM Multi-stage Pumps

The e-HM series of horizontal multi-stage pumps designed expressly for commercial and industrial use. The e-HM uses the market-proven hydraulics of the e-SV, which helps the e-HM offer market leading efficiency. The high-efficiency motor means that you can use less pump for more performance. The standard balanced impeller reduces axial thrust 40%, therefore; extending motor bearing life. The e-HM also boasts a 20% increase in body thickness enhancing durability, and further reducing lifecycle costs.



  • Up to 15% more efficient

  • Powerful versatility. The e-HM can be configured for a wide range of food and beverage applications, including support for flows of 2+ gallons. With two designs, six models and modular construction, it’s completely customizable.

  • Compact, durable design. The smaller motor and space-saving design lets the e-HM fit where you need it. The balanced impeller reduces axial thrust 40%, extending motor bearing life. And a 20% thicker pump body enhances durability, increasing reliability.

  • More performance for less cost. The e-HM is a high-performance pump with full pressure-boosting capabilities—using significantly less energy. Do more while spending less.


  • ​Industrial washing and cleaning

  • Food and beverage

  • Industrial refrigeration

  • Water treatment

  • OEM custom applications

e-SV Series Multi-Stage Pumps

Energy saving, eco-friendly, efficient: The new e-SV design allows easy service and safe maintenance. The mechanical seal can be replaced without removing the motor from the pump!



  • Top fill plug with air vent

  • Current mechanical seal replaceable with no need of pump disassembling (for all sizes)

  • “O” Ring seat design to allow an easily outer sleeve disassembly

  • Floating for self-alignment replaceable diffuser wear ring (PPS Glass filled technopolymer to withstand chemically corrosive, mechanically aggressive and high-temperature liquids)

  • Reduced impeller axial thrust for longer standard motor bearing life (17,500h)

  • Hard Material Intermediate bush bearing (Tungsten Carbide/Silicon Carbide) to improve life and ability to withstand heavy-duty applications, like boiler feeding

  • Cast Iron Pump Body Alternative Materials

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