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Synchronous Electric Motors

BCR Series

BCR high-performance servomotors are designed to satisfy the needs of continuous and transient high torque applications. A wide torque range and above-average instantaneous overload ratings make BCR servomotors robust enough for even the most demanding drive applications. Equipped with IP65 push-pull connectors (IP67 connectors are optional), in conformity with EMC requirements, and with a PTC temperature probe with reinforced insulation, these motors guarantee secure electrical connection under all ambient operating conditions.

BCR Series.png


  • Main options
    DC brake

  • Optional 24 Vdc

  • Feedback

    • Resolver (default)

    • Optional Hiperface encoder (single- or multi-turn)

  • Temperature sensor

    • PTC included

  • Sizes

    • 7 flange sizes

  • Torque range

    • 0.2 ... 115 Nm

  • Degree of protection

    • IP65

    • IP67 (optional)

  • Rated speed

    • 2000, 3000, 4500 rpm 
      (depending on selected torque)

  • Inertia

    • 0,06 ...190 (kgm² x 10-4)

  • Certifications

    • CE, UL

  • DC Brake

    • Optional 24 Vdc

  • Conformity

    • 2014/34/EU (LVD) and 2014/30/EU (EMC)

  • Power supply & Power range

    • 230, 400 Vac

Series e-60 Flex Coupled In-line Centrifugal pumps with ECM Motor

Series e-60 ECM is a three-piece centrifugal in-line pump designed for HVAC and potable water, featuring the high efficiency and variable speed capability of ECM technology. Series e-60 ECM pumps come with an Electronically Commutated Motor, which features a simple user interface that allows for manual speed adjustment or automatic speed control via a 10VDC input signal. Series e-60 ECM pumps are more efficient, quieter, and have a lower total cost of ownership than their standard induction motor counterparts over the lifetime of the pumps.



  • Class-leading hydraulic efficiency

  • Building Automation System control via 10VDC signal

  • Upgraded EPR/Carbon/SiC unitized mechanical seal

  • Permanently lubricated pump and motor bearings—no regreasing!

  • Space saving in-line mounting

  • Bronze-Fitted or all Bronze

  • 1” to 3” pipe sizes

  • 0.5 or 1 HP ECM motors

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