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Lowara ....a xylem

Xylem is a global leader in water technology across both clean and waste water applications, and operates in over 150+ countries.Xylem is a single company with multiple brands, all focussed on solving the most challenging water issues in multiple industries. Our aim is approach the market
as one entity, focused on the best products, application expertise and aftersales support for customers, across all of our core markets within Europe, the Middle East, India, Russia and Africa. Xylem manufactures a range of products which touch on numerous parts of the building and manufacturing processes. 

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Vertical In line pumps

Lowara has an extensive range of multi-stage products that start with the Lowara SV standard product through to the TDB range which are available in various materials including stainless steel and various iron options.
Unique products within this range include the High Pressure e-SV system and a multi-outlet pump used in fire set applications.Variable speed pumping is available with the addition of the Hydrovar 

Capacity up to 160m3hr
Head up to 330 mts 
Power up to 55 kw 
Temp -30 C - 180 c 


Lowara vertical inline.png

Horizontal Multistage pumps 

  • e-HM™ SERIES horizontal multistage pumps

    The e-HM is robustly constructed with balanced impellers that help reducing the axial thruston the motor bearing.
    Silent operati on.High efficiency and thick sheet metal pump body reduces the noise of water circulating insidethe pump. Lower speeds on a speed - controlled pump also mean near silent running without compromising on demand or performance.

  • Capacity up to 29 m3hr

  •  Head up to 160 mts 

  • Power up to 5.5 kw

lowara ehm.png

Variable speed Multi-Stage Pumps

5th Generation Hydrovar.

Energy is the largest cost of running any pump.Hydrovar Variable Speed Drive (VSD) works with your system to make it efficient.HYDROVAR is an intelligent controller that matches pump performance to demand. It controls the speed of a standard IEC motor by converting the fixed voltage and frequency from the power supply line

The controls available include constant pressure, system curve, constant flow or via an external signal. In addition to these functions HYDROVAR can do things that are normally only performed by the most advanced computerized control systems such as: stopping the pump or pumps at zero demand; stopping the pump or pumps in case of water failure;
allowing protection against dry running; a standard feature of a 2nd required input value that allows change over between two different pressure settings via an external switch; sensor failure and over temperature of inverter and motor which protects the pump and motor from under or overvoltage.

Esv Vfd .png

Horizontal short coupled pumps

Full stainless steel (AISI 316) pumps: extend shaft, stub shaft and frame mounted .Available in closed and open impeller both 
Capacity up to 240 m3hr
Head up to 110 mts
Power up to 75 kw
Temp -30 ~120 C

Lowara she.png

End suction pump according to EN 733

e-NSCF/C SERIES Closed impeller pumps, frame mounted (elastic or spacer coupling) According to EN 733.

Capacities up to 1800 M3HR
Head up to 160 MTS
Powers up to 315 KW
Temp -25 ~140 c 

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