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Flexible Impeller


Johnson Pump has a long and broad experience of the design and manufacture of flexible impeller pumps. Our pumps have always stood for innovation and quality with a strong emphasis on the flexible impeller itself – the main reason for the successful growth of Johnson Pump from the start some 30 years ago. 

Typical is the development of the first flexible impeller in the world produced, tested and certified according to the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) milk compound formulation. The formulation comprises all types of foodstuffs.

Today Johnson Pump offers one of the market’s most extensive flexible impeller pump programmes.


  • Food - Liquid dough, ice mix, egg yolk, egg white, whole eggs, stewed fruit, ketchup, brines, tomato concentrate, glaze, fruit yoghurt, dressings, edible oils, animal feed, whey, canned food, mustard, jams, vinegar, jellies, gelatine

  • Cosmetics/toiletries - Skin milk, shampoo, soap emulsions, lotions, gels, creams

  • Pharmaceutical - Glycerine, oils, syrups, sweeteners, flavours

  • Wastewater - Flocculants (polymers or polyelectrolytes), sampling, sludge with air

  • General industry - Inks, dyes, glues, sampling, draining of tanks and sumps, foaming solutions, slurries, coolants

  • Beverage - Alcohols, wines, syrups, soft drinks, distillery products and extracts, ciders, fruit juices, flavours, yeast

  • OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers)

FIP series- Flexible impeller pump

Flexible impeller pump.jpg

Product Type:


Industrial flexible impeller pump for standard and hygienic applications

  • Polished stainless steel for hygienic applications

  • Industrial stainless steel for standard, non-sanitary applications

  • Bronze for non-corrosive duties

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