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CFP Series

Complete SS 316 Horizontal Centrifugal pumps with High head & High discharge design. Front openable Suction casing for easy operation and maintenance. Hydraulically balanced impeller for better efficiency and lower power consumption.  Fabricated from SS 316 rolled steel sheet give better surface finish and low liquid friction.  Sealing by Mechanical seal of either Carbon, Ceramic, Silicon or Pure Teflon gland packing.

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Circumferential Piston pumps

The SCPP circumferential piston pump range consists of two positive displacement pumps, specially designed for transporting very low viscosity products at higher discharge pressures for food, dairy and beverage and other hygienic applications. The extensive range meets a wide spectrum of requirements under various working pressures.


Rotary lobe pumps

The rotary lobe pumps are designed for low, medium and high-viscosity media and offer gentle pumping action and reliable performance. This type includes three ranges: SX, SRU and OptiLobe. With its robust construction, each pump is developed for a different type of demand and meets high standards of quality and reliability. Collectively, they provide an operating economy and high flexibility of use.

Three Screw pumps

Alfa Laval provides 2 types of three screw pumps, the 3S and ALP. 

  • The 3S three-screw pumps consist of a broad range of low maintenance pumps for lubricating, non-abrasive and chemically inert liquids. 3S pumps are the best choice in many various industrial applications.

  • Alfa Laval ALP three-screw pumps are developed for lowest operating cost and the highest reliability with a specific focus on the marine industry. ALP is the obvious choice for the handling of fuel and lubricating oils.

Twin screw pumps

Introducing Alfa Laval's latest range of pumps, the twin screw pump.

Designed for process flexibility, the Alfa Laval Twin Screw Pump is built on a robust, reliable platform that meets stringent hygienic standards. It is capable of handling both product transfer and Cleaning-in-Place (CIP). Its low pulsation characteristics and excellent solids handling capability reduce the risk of product damage, thereby improving product quality. Maintenance is simplified and process uptime increased.

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