Non Sparking

Equipment protection level Gc for zone 2

ABB offers a wide range of increased safety Ex ec (former: non-sparking) motors, both low and high voltage, from 0.25 kW to 75 MW.

  • The motors are certified according to IECEx and ATEX, and comply with many other international and local regulations

  • Low voltage increased safety Ex ec motors fulfill IE2 and IE3 efficiency class requirements 

Equipment protection level Gc for zones 1 and 2

ABB offers a wide range of synchronous motors for variable or constant speed applications. Our motors are tailor-made within a standard design to meet customer-specific needs, application requirements and grid characteristics. High performance and cost efficiency are achieved through optimal utilization of active materials.

ABB has a long track record in supplying synchronous motors for all types of applications to customers all over the world. The design and performance are constantly updated to include new technologies and field experience. Our global service network and predefined maintenance programs ensure support for all life cycle stages of ABB motors.

The design of ABB synchronous motors with Ex nA protection type prevents sparks and hot surfaces inside and outside of motor enclosure in normal operation conditions.

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