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Permanent Magnet Motors

The permanent magnet motor range extends the effective nominal speed range of the rugged industry workhorses down to 100 – 850 r/min. The motors can simplify drive systems by effectively eliminating the need for speed reduction devices. They are designed exclusively for frequency converter supply, where they provide high-speed accuracy even without speed sensors because they are synchronous motors without rotor slip.



  • Torque range 1000 to 50 000 Nm

  • Construction based on standard induction motor design

  • Rotor magnetization by permanent magnets

  • Totally enclosed IP 55 construction

  • Air- or liquid cooled

The most common present drive systems, which permanent magnet motor solution could replace:

  • Traditional AC motor, frequency converter and gearbox combination

  • Traditional slow speed AC motor, typically 10-16-pole or slower with frequency converter

  • Variable speed DC drive system with gearbox

Permanent magnet motors.jpg
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