Synchronous reluctance motors

Get the best of both worlds.

ABB magnet free synchronous reluctance (SynRM) motors combine the advantages of permanent magnet technology together with the simplicity and service-friendliness of an induction platform. Together with a drive, the motor offers new choices for energy efficiency and compactness.


  • First choice for industrial variable speed applications such as pumps, fans, compressors etc.

  • Frame, bearing and winding construction identical to standard induction series

  • Magnet-free synchronous reluctance rotor

Product portfolio

  • IE4 SynRM range
    Motor type: M3AL/M3BL
    Output: 5.5–315 kW
    Frame sizes: IEC 132–315

  • High output SynRM range
    Motor type: M3AL/M3BL
    Output: 1.1–350 kW
    Frame sizes: IEC 90–315

Together with the latest drive technology, high output synchronous reluctance (SynRM) motors enable efficient and powerful yet highly compact motor-drive installations.

Product range:

  • Motor type: M3AL/M3BL

  • Output: 1.1–350 kW

  • Frame sizes: IEC 90–315


  • Up to two frame sizes smaller than conventional designs

  • Double output power without increasing motor size

  • Permanent magnet motor performance - without magnets

  • Induction motor levels of cost-efficiency and service-friendliness

  • Higher reliability through lower bearing temperatures

  • Preselected packages up to 350 kW

  • Verified package efficiencies for accurate energy consumption figures

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