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End Suction Pumps

Floor mounted End Suction Pumps with foot supported volutes in several designs. Flows to 4000 GPM

  • Small maintenance-free pumps (Series 1522)

  • Foot mounted close coupled cast iron pumps (Series e-1531, e-1535)

  • Small foot mounted close coupled stainless steel pumps (Series 3530)

  • Base mounted pumps (Series e-1510)

End Suction.jpg

In-Line pumps

Space Saving In-line pumps available in several designs.

  • Flex coupled (Series e-60)

  • Close coupled (Series e-80 and e-90)

  • Split coupled (Series e-80-SC) pumps

In-Line Pumps.jpg

Double Suction Pumps

  • Vertically split, multiple flange orientation pumps (Series VSX); flows to 25,000 GPM.

  • Horizontally split pumps (Series e-HSC, HSC3, HSC-S, HSCS); flows to 26,600 GPM.

Double Suction.jpg

Multi-Stage Pumps

Vertical high-pressure pumps (Series e-SV)for water boost applications. Stainless steel or cast iron construction with multiple suction and discharge orientations. Flows to 350 GPM and 800 feet TDH. Designed to handle a wide range of filtration, pressure boost, wash system and boiler feed applications

Multi Stage.jpg

Vertical Turbine Pumps

Multi-stage Vertical Turbine Pumps with bronze impellers and cast iron bowls.

The line shaft turbine pumps have above-ground discharge with water-lubricated line shaft bearings. The column pipe coupling has bronze centring spiders with fluted-rubber line shaft bearings. The bowls are Vitra-glass coated in the waterways for improved efficiencies. Capacities up to 10,000 GPM with heads to 150 feet per stage.

Vertical Turbine.png

Circulator Pumps

Energy Efficient circulators (small in-line pumps) for hydronic heating, potable water recirculation (plumbing), and solar thermal applications.

Circulators are cast iron or lead-free bronze constructed with oil lubricated, wet rotor or dry rotor bearings.

Circulator pumps.jpg
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